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Sunday, October 08, 2006


I just returned from a weekend in a town called Cranbrook in British Columbia. This was an interesting time as there wasn't much to do there, I was given the worst room in the hotel and the show was filled with people that may or may not have hated me. I don't know because they were sort of silent when I wanted laughter and then laughed when I wanted silence. My gauge broke on that one. I just got back to the Blackfoot Inn in Calgary (this is where I end up every Sunday-Thursday until my weekend gig somewhere). I decided to google myself because I have security issues. This website popped up and I feel as though I've finally made it as a celebrity. This guy found me, somehow, some way. Washington Improv Theater will be starting a run of shows at Flashpoint Theater in December. There is a lot of really great improv going on in that little black box of secrets right now and you should def. check it out. I've heard nothing but awesome things about the run that is currently going on there. I'm not sure how many more shows that run has (if any) but if they have another weekend or two, skip over there and see what is what. Check em out at I was recently selected to participate in the Seattle Comedy Competition so it looks like my trip out West is going to extend a bit further. My first night of competition is on November 7th and I am guaranteed 4 nights of shows in the first round. If I am able to push forward then I may be in Seattle for a bit longer in November or at least til mid November if I don't push forward at all. Please wish me luck. I'm excited to hang out with a lot of the local guys in Seattle. I think there is a cool comedy scene there that is innovative and very supportive. Just based on local guys putting in a good word for me I was able to perform a guest spot when I was in Seattle at the beginning of September. I think thats a really great thing, especially as an out of town comic. Hopefully some of the guys and myself can write some sketches and performances and see what is what on stage a few times in Seattle before the contest kicks off. I've decided to head to Chicago after my last show in Vancouver on 10/21. I am going to wait in line and see if I can get on the waiting list to audition for Second City's tourco. I don't really expect to get much out of it except for maybe some good networking and face time with some of the improvisers in Chicago. I really think that might be my next destination after I leave DC. I love improv and sketch and there is a really vibrant community in Chicago. Should be an interesting month, hopefully there will be good news to report a long the way. If you check out this blog pretty frequently I apologize for not updating often. I am lazy. If you are going to be in the Greenville, SC area for Christmas please feel free to click the link on my websites homepage and purchase a ticket to the Christmas comedy show we are doing in Greenville on Dec. 22nd. Its going to be awesome. I would like to think we could generate enough interest to sell out the entire show at 520 seats but maybe I'm dreaming too big. But lets say that we do sell out, you will be happy to have purchased those tickets online in advance because it will be a great show for the holidays. Hope everyone is well. I miss you guys.


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