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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

At least its something... The Handlebar has posted the Christmas show on their website now and tickets are officially on sale. Please visit the site and perhaps purchase the tickets if you feel inclined to do so. The show is going to be awesome, I guarantee this. Today is my 3rd week away from DC and I am def. missing a lot of my friends. Not all of them of course because honestly some of them bore the hell out of me. Mostly the white ones. So today is week 3 and I just finished a week of shows at the Calgary Yuk Yuks club with Emo Philips and Tony Krolo. The shows were a lot of fun. I enjoyed 4 out of 5 of them. The early saturday show was not my best effort. I was scatterbrained and low energy and had no rhythm or pace and I was naked. Hahahahaha, the set was about as funny as the end of the previous sentence. So awesome. Tony Krolo is a Canadian comic out of Toronto. He is out here for 2 more weeks and then back to Toronto. Tony is a great guy and has been a blast to hang out with. We are working together in Edmonton this upcoming week and that will be a lot of fun I'm sure. The local comics here have been really supportive and welcoming. I got to see a Calgary open mic night this past monday and thought it wasn't so different from DC. The crowd was light but those are tough to predict with open mics. So far I have met a lot of really great people and have had a blast hanging out with them. I of course can't wait to hang out with all my friends back home but for now its pretty cool getting to dip into other comedy communities and see how things are for them. I have been doing stuff and yet still have been unable to make this blog interesting. Its cool to see how into comedy so many people are up here. They don't care who the headliner is or anything. They just come to the club knowing they will have a good time. The club setup is pretty impressive. I am going to practice blogging now so that when I get to the game I know what I'm doing.


Anonymous jordo said...

aren't you already in the game?

9/21/2006 01:53:00 PM  

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