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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Vancouver and Beyond

So Mr. Haynes and myself have now parted ways. I took the bus up to Vancouver early Monday morning and I believe that night he flew back to DC. Andy thanks to you and your mom for absolutely everything. I had a blast in Seattle. For everyone that wonders why Andy is so diffrent (and by different I mean hair in weird places) its because of the really laid back and awesome place he comes from. I can now see why he wants to go camping all the time. The outdoor life in Seattle was absolutely gorgeous. His friends are very welcoming and awesome people and I hope to cross their paths again. Again, Andy, thank you so much. I had a great time. On to Vancouver. I got into the city around 2:15 in the afternoon. My friend Coco picked me up from the bus/train station and we headed out to see some of the cool parts of Vancouver. Very interesting city. Everyone seems very laid back and almost everyone walks. Its sort of strange but DC is sort of like that also. Vancouver sits in a really cool spot surrounded by mountains. I didn't get to spend so much time in Vancouver since i was leaving early the next morning. I will be back there at the end of October for a week and hope to do a little exploring. Vancouver: Good cupcakes. My flight to Calgary was pretty short. I arrived here and met Mike Dambra. He is a comic from Rochester, New York and has been apart of the Yuk Yuks touring family for almost 2 decades. He is a really nice guy and I was glad to get to work with someone really understanding and informative right away. We drove from the airport straight to Lethbridge for the show. I thought the crowd might be extremely talkative during the show but they were actually pretty attentive. There def. was some noise here and there but most of them seemed to be into my stuff. Some of my jokes didn't go over at all because they just weren't relatable. They let me know that right away. I had a pretty good time there. Mike had a great set. They really love it when he comes to town. Today I am back in Calgary with 2 off days and nights. Friday I am heading up to Saskatoon (7 hour drive), that will be fun. From there we are heading to Regina for a show and then it is back to Calgary where I'll be staying for a week for shows here at the Yuk Yuks club. I am constantly thinking about my situation when this Canadian run is over. I need to plan ahead of time and book shows but I'm sort of in the process of learning how that is done right now. Networking. I'd like to think my act could speak for itself and get me shows but it just doesn't work like that. You have to get to know people and get your name out there on the business side of things. So that is what I will start attempting to do. Being more aggresive I guess. I hope the I guess at the end doesn't take away from the aggresive tone. I really wish I could make these blog postings more fun. Hopefully they are informative. Soon you can get on the website and see "Growing Up Backwards." Something that I think will be a lot of fun and really informative. It will be out there soon.


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