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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Seattle: First Blog from the NorthWest

So this is my first blog since leaving DC. I feel as though I should try and make it awesome with action packed adventure, drama, crying and stuff. It might be boring. I apologize for that. I'm not a blogist, I'm a man, a man who blogs about adventures. See? Already the blog is off to a bad start. So I arrived in Seattle on Wednesday night. Andy Haynes picked me up from the airport and we were off to perform at a showcase at the Mirabeau Room. This was an amazing showcase and thanks to Peter Greyy for throwing us on. The entire show runs to make the audience think the show is filmed and sent to a network. Its called "Comedy Night." Right at the start there is a hush over the crowd and a voice that says 10 seconds til we pick up the feed to the network. Then music comes up really loud, a voice announces the lineup and welcomes everyone to the show. It isn't actually a tv show at all and that makes it so fun. All the comics were really good. I was pretty impressed. There were no low points to the show. A lot of the comedy was sort of alternative but very creative and cool. There was a section called "the joke down." This was my fav. part of the show. 2 comics come on stage as characters. They each tell 4 jokes and the audience votes who the belt goes to this week. This particular joke down was between "moondancer", a guy dressed as a unicorn and another guy face painted to be a clown. They do jokes as their characters doing stand-up comedy. Amazing stuff. Really funny and different. The show had short films and music involved as well and this did not derail the standup portion at all. I was really blown away. Unfortunately next week is the last "comedy night" at Mirabeau room because the room is closing or "the network cancelled the show." Thursday Andy and I wake up and go on an amazing adventure. We drove North to San Juan Ferry and played around in the town of Anacortes. We were "climbing trees" so Anacortes was awesome. We ate cookies on the side of the road and jotted down stuff in our joke books. It was relaxing. People up here are very different. Laid back, chill. Noone is in a rush to do anything and its really cool to see. This fits my lifestyle perfectly. I could see myself living in the Pacific Northwest one day. So we catch the Ferry at 2:30 and the boat takes us through all of these islands. The scenery was incredible. Island Mountains, Mount Ranier in the background. Unreal. I've never seen things like this before. Movies, books, (picture books), stories from old men. Thats the only means of info I had about such beautiful scenery. The ferry took us to Orcas island. This is an island filled with hippyish people. Amazing. The community of people is so small and relaxed and everyone eats really healthy. Like Flowers. I don't know if flowers are healthy but doesn't it seem like they would be the most healthy food. I mean they are flowers people. They are filled with magic made of ice cream and sprinkles of smiles all over the place. We spent the night at a summer camp where Andy has ventured almost every summer of his youth. It was called Camp Orkila. Here we hiked around to see some amazing sites of Canada from the top of a mountain. Incredible views. We drove over to a lake on the island and jumped off of cliffs into the water. I'm so afraid of heights. I jumped from the lowest ledge and was still scared shitless to do it. That night we slept in a cabin. Of course the kids were away for the summer, but wouldn't that be weird if we just showed up to hang out with them. Talk about a seminar on taking candy from strangers. We looked so shady. We just showed up at the cafeteria the next morning where all the staff was eating breakfast and just dove into eating with them. Really weird. They were cool about it. It wasn't a concern of who we were but more of a we don't care if they eat because there is enough food for them anyways. I thought that was awesome. I have loved the people up here. They are fun, We went to bumbershoot yesterday. We are heading there again today. I'm going to blog about that later and also my train trip up to Vancouver. I'm starting to realize the adventure that I'm actually on here. I don't have a job to go back to. My whole family thinks that I do and I thought I did also but last minute found out I might not be able to get my position back. Kojo Mante is now the new Rory Scovel at my old company. I don't mind it though. I really think this is it. Its time to struggle and see what I can do. See if I can actually get shows and become a better performer. There is so much to learn on this trip. Tightening up my set and learning how to be a better presenter. I am going to be wondering how to do that and also where my next steps are going to be. If there is a way to network and get shows, I might not be home as soon as I thought I would be. I know over the next two months I'm really going to miss all my friends and seeing my family but this is how things are. Its now time to see if I have what it takes. At this point I'm considering heading to LA at the end of it all. Seeing Mummersons in LA clubs doing his thing and possibly staying out there for some time. Seeing whats what with the who nows. This is going to be an amazing trip. I really want everyone close to me involved with it. If you want to be there is a chance. Check back to the website in about 2 or 3 weeks. The very first look at "Growing Up Backwards" will be on there. If you want to know what it is, you'll have to go to on that day. Hopefullly it will be something amazing that you really enjoy seeing. Hope everyone is well. Thanks for all the emails from people that wrote me such supportive tips and well wishes. One in particular I can't mention but they know who they are. Ditto.


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I bet the particular one he can't mention is Jo Jo saying, "I love you, and cock size doesn't matter to me." But if that's true, then the ditto part means Jo Jo has a cock. Eeewwww.

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