What I saw at the Scovel set on Monday was perfect comedy.

– Denise Duguay, Montreal Gazette

The best of the supporting cast is Rory Scovel, who plays Jennifer’s sarcastic co-worker Harvard, who steals one scene after another with choice one-liners.

– Jeff Korbelik, Ground Zero

Rory Scovel’s sold-out, absolutely hilarious show here at Third Man … Rory exceeded our comedic expectations and succeeded in making the Blue Room, well… not so blue.

A few months back we hosted one of our favorite comedians in the Third Man Blue Room, hand selected by Jack White to appear. Rory Scovel came, saw and destroyed any and all bad vibes within a 5 mile radius with an improv set of some of the best live stand up we’ve seen in years. Seriously, the man far exceeded even our lofty expectations for hilarity. Since then Rory has had a bumper few months … generally ruling the school and jettisoning jocularity into the universe in every town and festival he visits on tour.

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Watch enough comedy in Los Angeles and you’ll encounter stellar writing …, flawless delivery …, and instantly likeable stage personae … If you’re lucky, you’ll get it all in one consistently wonderful act (Patton Oswalt, Chelsea Peretti, Rory Scovel).

– Michael Konik,

There seemed to be a couple key components in Scovel’s set that really drew me and the rest of the crowd in, the first being really well-crafted jokes and a generally well-crafted set…I never expected to laugh so hard in the Caledonia Lounge.

– Chris Miller,

Scovel is a master at improvisational comedy and will often tailor his shows to the makeup of a particular audience.

– Dan Armonaitis,

After hearing Dilation, Rory Scovel’s debut album, you’d probably love to take a road trip with the guy. Being fitfully entertaining with a spry charm to his tone, Scovel’s disjointed observations are amusing and enjoyable to listen to.

– Chase Brockett,

We sought Rory out because he’s a comedian who defies conventional stand-up to produce his own unique style. He’s poised to blow up and become a household name, so we wanted to get him to Omaha as soon as possible.

– Ian Douglas Terry, OK Party Comedy (via