Dear person,

Here we are. On my website. Why? I don't know. Maybe you're here to check out some tour dates. Maybe you misspelled pornography.

Maybe you're about to buy my very first standup special for download or streaming. If that is the case I want to say thank you very much.

I know CK already wrote a note when he sold his special on his website and now we all do it, basically begging you not to steal the special.

It’s only $5, I mean, come on. I spent my own money to make this special. I made it with my friends and my wife all taking part in the production to some capacity.

I want to make specials this way forever because I like it being exactly the way I want it to be. Not that everyone will love it or hate it but at the end of the day, making something the way I want it to be made is what makes me happy.

Please help my happiness and don't steal this special.

I want to make more of these, a lot more. Buying this for $5 is a step towards the next one. Also, The Winter Sounds wrote the song for the end credits. It’s called "meteor". They are an amazing band. You should check them out.

I love you,
Rory Scovel


Rory Scovel the Charleston Special
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Rory Scovel


Mike Berkowitz