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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Its good to be home finally. It has been an awesome 3 months away and I wish I could still see and hang out with a lot of the great people I met while away. I miss them all and appreciate the influence they all gave me with their own individual unique forms of performance comedy. It is good to be home though. We had auditions on Tuesday at the DC Improv for Comedy Central's "live at Gotham." I'm not sure if anyone has received the thumbs up from them to audition again or do the show but either way it was a great time. I enjoyed the set I performed and had an even greater time getting to see all my friends that I've missed over the past 3 months. I am really really really looking forward to the Christmas show at the Handlebar. I am finding out this week how ticket sales are going and hopefully they are moving pretty nicely. If you are in the area and intending to see this show, its best to buy in advance. The Handlebar is a great venue and myself, jay, and the kojmeister are really amped to get on that stage. This blog has a pretty abrupt ending.


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