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Sunday, November 12, 2006

In the Semis

I locked my spot last night to advance to the semifinals of the Seattle Comedy Competition. You can read about all the stuff at or (why are these not links blah blah blah?) Deal with it. This means I am staying in Seattle for at least one more week. Hopefully I can advance to the finals and be around til the 27th of November. Either way this has been a really fun competition and a lot of great networking has been going down. I'm excited to meet new people next week and hang out a bit. The local comics and the overall community in Seattle is unreal. The way they operate and help one another and put shows together is amazing. I am jealous of what they have. Seattle's growing comedy scene will be something people talk about in 30 years. Not normal people but comics that are up and coming right now. (because comics aren't normal people) You def. want to visit here to see how great things are. I am really looking forward to the Christmas show in Greenville SC. I sent out an evite notice to let a lot of people know about the show. I got a lot of responses saying that the "notice" was really early "remind me closer to the show." I think an early notice is the point of being able to buy tickets well before the show. I have no idea how ticket sales are going to end up, but hopefully if you are intending to see this show, you are getting your tickets way in advance just to secure a seat. Not saying the show will sell out, but we were pretty shocked by the crowd we got last year. A crowd we def. didn't predict. That could happen again. The evite isn't the only form of advertisement. The handlebar sent out a 4000 email blast also. Why am I giving out this info? Cause I want to make sure my friends see the show.


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